Ojo Caliente — Pre-Trip Preparation

Tuesday, April 6, 2015, was pre-trip day. We were preparing to head south out of Colorado to Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, one of the nation’s oldest operating hot-springs spa area. I pulled Yertle out of storage over to our house. Me and a buddy, a fellow Airstream owner, were gonna check Yertle’s plumbing system by de-winterizing her. So, we hooked up a water hose, turned it on, and disaster struck — water leaking out of the kitchen faucet through a split copper tube under the sink.

So, we pulled the faucet, plugged the water lines and turned the water back on. Disaster struck again — this time throughout the system. Water was rushing out from under the toilet, leaking from the bathroom sink faucet, leaking from under the kitchen sink in a different spot, and leaking from a tube connected to the fresh water tank in the closet.

What a mess! So we mopped everything up and connected an air compressor to blow out the water lines and listen for other leaks. Sure enough, the water tank had a hole in it too.

At this point, I’m not sure which would serve me best — anger or sadness — I settled on sadness. Then, after that subsided some, I called the dealership where we’d bought Yertle (supposedly winterized) and talked to the salesman who said he’d talk to the service manager and get back to us after our trip.

Long story short, we decided to go on our trip, knowing we wouldn’t be able to use our plumbing.


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