Ojo Caliente — Day 2

Rose at daybreak, made coffee, caught up on email and the news, got dressed and took Chica for a 2+ mile walk in a circle along both sides of the local river. Took a break for awhile, then headed for the ruins, about a 3+ mile round trip. I was expecting ruined structures but found it was an ancient Native American campground full of pottery shards that had been gathered into numerous little mounds. The campground looked to be about 5 acres, roughly, surrounded on all sides by dry arroyos. It was easy to see why the area was chosen as a campsite — it was defensible — you can see in all directions for miles, and any intruders would have to cross very deep, steep-sided arroyos.

After that, we fixed ourselves lunch and headed over to the spa to shower and soak. The pools (hot springs) ranged in water temperature from 102 degrees to 107. Each pool had its own mineral concentration. There was an arsenic pool, for example, a soda pool, an iron pool, etc.

Then we signed up for messages. My masseuse was a male, a first for me, and I have to admit, when it comes to deep-tissue massages, this one was the best I’d ever experienced. After that, it was more soaking, showering and sunbathing.

Next, was happy hour at the campsite, then dinner in the restaurant, and finally a not-quite-so-early bedtime.


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