Yertle Pays Her Doctor A Visit

Had to take Yertle to her doctor yesterday. It was about a 75-mile one-way trip to the dealership to get the plumbing system fine-tuned due to leaks I mentioned in an earlier post. Someone dropped the ball and didn’t winterize her properly. Fortunately, Windish, the Airstream dealer in Lakewood, CO, where we bought her, stepped to the plate and agreed to take care of the plumbing. We’re thankful to them for that.

Since we were already at the doctor, several other things were earmarked for attention. For example:

The entry door needed adjustment. We’re tired of having to slam it. I’m sure camping neighbors will appreciate this attention, too.

We’re having her mouse-proofed, finally (hopefully, anyway). I’m tired of mice in my living space and have declared war on them. So far, 7 are dead and have been sent to their maker.

Yertle’s refrigerator door needed adjusting, too. It kept opening on its own. Not a good thing.

We’re also replacing the umbilical cord. It just wasn’t making a reliable connection — had to keep double-checking whether the brake and signal lights were working. Also, not a good thing.

Yertle’s water pump is located in a difficult place to access — under the oven behind a panel that requires removal of about 7 screws — and it doesn’t have a valve connection. This is a real pain come winterization time, so we’re having this addressed, also.

We’re also replacing the bathroom faucet, re-sealing all external areas such as around the door, windows, AC, vents, etc., and having her washed and waxed. She should look really good when I pick her up to come prancing back home.

Somebody should have told me that camping is not only hard work but also expensive. Did I mention that the labor rate is $129/hour. That’s why it’s called a doctor’s visit. (Fast-food workers — eat your hearts out.)

There’s a saying among the camping crowd that only one spouse has fun. The other is too busy doing this, doing that, and reaching for, not just the pocketbook, but the sauce. It’s another of those live and learn things that comes with having fun.


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