Yertle Goes to Horsetooth Reservoir

Yertle took us to Horsetooth Reservoir, located just west of Fort Collins, Colorado. We stayed at Inlet Bay, in Campsite I-20.

Tuesday, we took Yertle out of storage and loaded her up on Wednesday. On Thursday, we took off. It was raining lightly when we got there but stopped just as we setup. Then we quickly drove to Loveland so Mary could attend a work-related meeting, I killed time with Chica by going shopping and to a restaurant. By the time we all got back to the campsite, it was bedtime.

We got up early Friday, made coffee, took a long walk, fixed a breakfast of sausage, eggs and fruit, went shopping at Walmart and Whole Foods, ate lunch of whatnot back at the campsite, and then chilled chilled. We tested the curbside awning with success, watched water activities out on the lake, fixed dinner of salmon burgers, roasted veggies and coleslaw, then visited friends out in a beautiful back country area. By the time we got back to the campsite, there was only time for a nightcap before bedding down.

Got up Saturday, made coffee, chased geese (to minimize goosepoop at the campsite),  then took a 2.5 mile round trip hike to Horsetooth Falls in the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space area. Went back to the campsite and fixed a breakfast same as yesterday, chilled, tested the front awning with success, showered for the first time in Yertle, chilled some more, then drove to the very-beautiful Lory State Park area on the north end of Horsetooth Reservoir. After that, we drove into Fort Collins, down College Avenue and back to campsite, chilled, fixed and ate a dinner of cheeseburgers, roasted veggies and coleslaw.

But then bad news struck — we were nearly out of fresh water, which didn’t make sense given how little we thought we’d used of the 36 gallons we started out with. I looked all over for a leak to no avail.

On Sunday, we got up early, made coffee coffee, and took a 2-mile round trip on the Soderberg Trail in the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space area. Then it was back to the campsite where we fixed breakfast and began breaking camp.

Obviously, after being gone all weekend, Rex & Thor were ready for our return.

On Monday, I returned Yertle to storage, and on Tuesday discovered one of the fresh water drain valves was leaking. But, all in all, Yertle seems in pretty good shape, although she’s still having issues with water getting too hot. Could be a thermostat problem.


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