YertleLing to Upstate New York — Leg 2

Rose at 6 am and had coffee. Mary and Chica took a walk while I worked on breaking camp. Left Prairie Dog State Park and headed for Weston Bend State Park in Missouri, about a 300 mile trip. Still traveling US-36 mostly, a beautiful scenic route through northern Kansas, much more scenic, although desolate, than Interstate 70. Nothing exciting happened, which is a good thing when you’re towing.

Arrived at 5:00 pm, set up camp, drank a couple of beers, then prepared a meal of charcoaled chicken/veggie skewers. Retired early to an air-conditioned Yertle because of the bugs and heat and started reading, emailing and blogging. Pretty boring life, you might say, but fun none the less. The campground is very clean, very woodsy, very beautiful.

Tomorrow we hope to visit the town of St. Joseph and do some grocery shopping. We need a few basics, but mostly ice and a flea collar for Chica. We’ve forgotten what it’s like to live in the Plains. The bugs are terrible. When I plugged in Yertle last night, for example, the 30/50 amp connection box had a nest of fiddleback spiders inside — been years since I’ve seen fiddlebacks. That particular nest is history now.

Welp, 9:00 — time for a nightcap and hit the sack.



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