YertleLing to Upstate New York — Leg 1

Headed out of Colorado on US-36 and drove 350 miles to Prairie Dog State Park in Norton, Kansas. Since I was driving, my observations are rather brief. At some point, I hope to add Mary’s comments. She actually dictated as we Yertled along. We have to figure out how to do a transcription, though.

Anyway, the most exciting thing that happened was threading the needle between the lead two birds of a pheasant family. It happened so fast, I couldn’t brake in time, so I just threaded the needle, so to speak, and successfully, I might add, maneuvering the BATmobile and Yertle between the lead two birds. It was very close. When I looked in the rear view mirrors, they didn’t even seem fazed.

We got to the park at about 5:00 pm, set up camp, and chowed down on burgers and salad while a family of skunks crossed the road about a hundred yards away. This particular state park is very beautiful. The campground we stayed in was remote in the sense that it wasn’t right on the lake,and there was only one other camper there. I think the quiet was what I enjoyed most. We retired early, about 9:00, after a little hanky panky of course.


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