YertleLing to Upstate New York — Leg 3

It rained for 200 straight miles. Yertle doesn’t like rain, I’ve discovered. She gets squirrelly. After 200 miles it settled down to a light drizzle. My solution was to drive 50 mph when it was raining hard, 55 when it was sprinkling or the roads were wet, and 60 when the pavement was dry. Took us until 5:30 to get to the Double J Campground in Springfield, IL Nice place. Nearly 1,000 miles on the road now, at 13.3 mpg. Not bad for  the BATmobile

We set up camp, dumped sewage and gray water, then settled in for drinks and ordeurves. Bookoo drinks. Had a nice conversation on the meaning of life. There’s a lot of ways in which Mary and I differ, but we both agree that we’re on this earth for a reason, and that it’s our job to figure out that purpose. Mine was to survive the Vietnam War, educate mpyself well enough well enough to talk about that experience and pass my knowkedge on to others.

Mary!s was three-fold: to raise a child born of an abusive father in a way that breaks that abusive chain; support a husband in his quest to understand and act upon his purpose, and promote an earth that’s sustainable for future generations. We both think we’ve succeeded, thus, peace is upon us.

All in all, it’s been an enjoyable, although long day.


One thought on “YertleLing to Upstate New York — Leg 3

  1. Hines, Kathryn E. July 20, 2015 / 11:20 am

    This is the best one yet. You guys are doing great and I’m so proud to call you friends!

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