YertleLing to Upstate New York — Leg 4

It’s been a very long day, 370 miles long, which is 70 miles longer than I like to tow in one day. We had a tail wind all day. Went from 13.1 mpg to 13.7 mpg. Very unusual but nothing to complain about. The wind did at times make it seem as though the tail was wagging the dog, though. That was disconcerting sometimes. Yertle was pushing the BATmobile, in other words, and the BATmobile was hollering cut it the heck out. Also, if you can avoid I-70 through Indiana, do so. The road is a freakin mess. I guess starting wars all over the globe is more important than maintaining roads. Maybe if our Congress “Persons” drove cars instead of hitching rides in private jets and choppers, they’d get with the program. Or should I say, get with the people?

Anyway, we’re settled down in John Bryon State Park near Springfield, OH, a very beautiful place to camp. We arrived around 6:00 pm, set up camp, charcoaled burgers and veggies, chowed down, visited next-door neighbors and their ’09 Classic Airstream, had a few drinks and have settled in for the night before 9:00 pm. Perhaps we can get in some reading time before lights out.

No hanky pankie I’ve been told in no uncertain terms. Seems the missus didn’t exacterly appreciate what I posted a couple of nights ago. BigSheepishGrin! Can’t win for losin’.

Tomorrow — Pennsylvania.


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