The Rizzuto Reunion

Had an absolutely fantastic time in North Bay, New York, on Oneida Lake. My family is nuts, I’m convinced, but that’s okay. I suspect all families are nuts, so why should we be an exception. Met bookoo cousins I’ve never met, met several I haven’t seen in decades. Even met a couple of high school buddies. One, I haven’t seen since 1964, the other I saw a couple of yrs ago for the first time in decades.

One piece of good news — I was wrong about missing my 50th high school reunion. Turns out it isn’t until September. So I’ve made plans to come back for the reunion. What a hoot that’ll be. My cousin even said I can stay with her. Can’t wait to see some folks I used to party with. I’m thinking of rolling up in a limo, like some sorta big shot. Hah!


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