YertleLing To Arkansas — Leg 2

A fairly short drive of 280 miles to Roanoke, VA, that started out in near disaster — I ran a red light. Bigger than a bear’s butt, I totally didn’t realize there even was a light, let alone that it was red. Over 40′ of tow vehicle and trailer shooting through a red light. How stupidly dangerous was that? Fortunately, everyone else on the road was paying attention.

Drove through southern PA, then through Maryland, West Virginia and into Virginia. We drove through about 1/3 of Shenandoah National Park in VA, a very beautiful place. Very dense trees, almost jungle-like line both sides of the road, except in numerous pullouts where you can see across the Shenandoah Valley for miles.

Arrived in Roanoke (Salem to be specific) and was greeted with a late afternoon rain storm. Had to sit it out in the BATmobile before setting up camp in the Dixie Caverns Campground.

Later met with friends we knew in Oklahoma that now live in Roanoke. Had dinner with them and took a tour of Roanoke, including Mill Mountain, on top of which is a gigantic man-made star that can be seen from long distances. And from Mill Mountain, we could look out across just about all of Roanoke, which at night is all lit up for miles.


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