YertleLing To Arkansas — Leg 3

Broke camp and got on the road by 8:45. Stopped at McDonalds for a sandwich and to get gas at the next-door Exxon station. Gas has been cheaper this whole trip than in Colorado. Not that I’m complaining

Took quite awhile but drove through the rest of Virginia and then through a portion of Tennessee and into North Carolina. Made our way through Asheville where we did some grocery shopping and finally arrived in Cherokee, the extremely busy gambling town and gateway to The Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Mile after mile of jungle-like forrest, severely twisted narrow roads, steep climbs and descents, but finally arrived after a 330 mile day in Cades Cove, a campground with no hookups, i.e., no electrical, water or sewer connections.

When we drove through Asheville, we realized we had good friends who live in Boone, NC, that we would have really liked to see. But, we were behind schedule by several hours and couldn’t work in a visit. The good news is we hope to see them next year.

Set up camp quickly, chilled out some, started the charcoal, grilled some burgers and veggies and chowed down. Life is good. Watched kids racing bicycles, listened to others yelling and screaming, and spent some time chatting with a local tent-camper. Drank some Jameson Irish Whiskey, typed this note, read for awhile and went to bed thinking about my high school reunion in September — can’t wait.


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