YertleLing To Arkansas — Leg 4

Broke camp early and drive the Cades Cove Loop. That was almost a huge mistake. Th road was narrow, hilly, swervy, and scary for Yertle because of her low center of gravity. Took us an hour to drive 9 miles. Saw one doe, a flock of turkeys, a lone bear, and and a momma bear with twin cubs. Mary got some good pics.

Finally worked our way to I-40 and headed back west. Drove 340 miles — a very long day but worth it. Arrived in Natchez Trace State Park in western Tennessee, and was assigned the most beautiful campsite we’ve been on this whole trip. We’re on Cub Lake, in Campground #1, Campsite #23.

I had to do some pretty serious backup maneuvering to get Yertle into place, but did ourselves proud. We’re on a small peninsula surrounded by Cub Lake. Absolutely gorgeous! And the weather has cooled to 80 degrees, which is tolerable with the breeze coming off the lake. My bet is it’ll drop to a perfect 70 degrees tonight.

We’re chilling out now over beer and whiskey, getting ready to charcoal pork chops and whatever. Should be sacked out shortly after dark, and should arrive at our destination in Arkansas tomorrow. Can’t wait, and neither can Mary and Chica. We’re road weary, to say the least, and looking forward to down time with good friends.


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