YertleLing Home — Leg 2

Left the motel early and jumped onto I-70 headed west knowing it would be another nearly 500 mile day, but I was into my second wind by that point, so there was no stopping us getting home that night. Parts of I-70 between Salina and Hays, Kansas are in terrible shape. I swear, Uncle Sam needs to get his priorities straight and start putting his money in this country before other countries.

Back to my point that there was no stopping us getting home that night. I should have said almost no stopping us because when we were within about 40 miles of home and passing through Longmont, Colorado, disaster nearly struck on I-25. We were in the right-hand lane doing 60 mph. A jeep in the far left lane suddenly moved into the middle lane and crashed into a car, which sent that car into our lane. I braked, swerved to the shoulder and sent Yertle into a temporary but manageable sway. It was a very scary few seconds that took our breaths away. Mary thought we’d been hit, but I was pretty sure we hadn’t been — and, fortunately, we weren’t.

Arrived home in the late afternoon after a nearly three week trip that totaled approximately 4,600 miles. Driving time came to nearly 97 hours at 13.5 miles per gallon. We burned up 339 gallons of gas at less than $3/gallon. Not bad. In fact, I’d say the BATmobile did herself proud.

Unloaded most of Yertle and the BATmobile, chilled out for awhile, tried to readjust, not very successfully, to being at 8,000′ altitude, went out for a quick dinner, crashed early, got up early, finished unloading Yertle and returned her to storage.

As we used to say back during the druggie days — Talk about a trip, man, that was a trip!

Stay tuned for the next Yertle trip. It won’t be the same next time. We learned it’s far too difficult to travel this way, where you stop for the night and leave in the morning. From now on we plan to stay in each spot for at least a couple of days so we can enjoy each campground a little longer. So I won’t be taking Yertle back to New York next month like I had planned. I’ll fly this time.


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