YertleLing To Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park — Day 4

Got up at 6:00ish. It was raining. Had our coffee, fixed scrambled eggs and sausage, then headed for what’s called the East Portal, a narrow two-lane road (restricted to vehicles less than 22′ in length) that drops into the canyon at a 16% grade. Dang, that’s steep, but well worth the effort. This was my favorite part of the trip. The East Portal is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. This is worth repeating — the East Portal of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is drop-dead gorgeous.

Climbed back out of the canyon and lost 2 tenths of a mile per gallon. Drove into Montrose to re-stock beer, whiskey, ice and firewood, then stopped for gas so we’d leave for home in the morning with a full tank.

Arrived back at the campsite and took a short hike. Then chilled and did some reading. There’s no cell or internet service in the canyon, so it feels a lot like the 1980’s here.

Added 5 gallons of water to the fresh water tank. This is a recurring problem when YertleLing. We run out of water. Sixty gallons goes fast, even if you don’t shower.

Drank some beer and whisky, fixed a dinner of leftovers, drank some more beer and whiskey, chilled by the fire, then retired into Yertle for the night by 9:00. Life is good. Oh, I didn’t mention hanky panky if a certain somebody asks.


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