YerteLing to Steamboat Lake State Park — Day 2

Rose early as usual, made coffee, then went for a walk while the neighbors rode their bicycles. Arrived back at the campsite around mid-morning, and the neighbors settled into fixing breakfast that included eggs, pancakes, sausage and fruit salad.

Next we piled into the BATMobile and tried backroading up Hahn Peak, nearly 11,000′. Took a wrong turn somewhere/somehow and wound up on a Forest Service road that deadended in a grove of really large beautiful aspen trees. Barely managed to get turned around, searched some more but never found the right road to the top.

So we drove to Pearl Lake State Park, a beautiful place, and tooled around there for a couple of hours. Then we drove into Steamboat Springs for a late light lunch. Afterwards, the girls ran off shopping while the boys sat in a bar, drank beer, and conversed. We hooked back up and hightailed it back to the campsite. Then the neighbors fixed a dinner of goulash — yum!

Crashed early again.


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