YertleLing to Steamboat Lake State Park — Day 4

YertleLing to Steamboat Lake State Park — Day 4

Rose late, fixed coffee, then a breakfast of jalapeño bacon, sausage and banana on peanut buttered toast — excellent!

Mary and Chica went for a walk while I scouted out the shower facility and campground convenience store. When they got back, we took our first showers in thee days, but I don’t think anyone noticed but us. Afterwards we fixed a lunch of leftovers.

We chilled in the sun for a couple of hours and then drove to Steamboat Springs. There, we found our way to Fish Creek Falls, a beautiful area with a 283′ waterfall. Ran into friends from our home town there, which was a big surprise.

After that we made our way to a gas station where they had a Tucker Snowcat from Medford, Oregon parked in front. Cool lookin vehicle, like something straight out of The Shining. Next we stopped in at the Chop House where we sat on the Yampa River drinking beer and Tom Collins’s, eating ordeurves and people watching.

Made our way back to camp, built a fire and chilled, then retired into Yertle for reading and conversation.


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