YertleLing From Sioux Falls– Day 1

Rose early and prepared Yertle for the return trip. But first, headed to Palisades State Park for breakfast and family goodbyes. Arrived around 10:00 am and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of quiche, bacon, fruit and salad. Hit the road about 11:30 and waited on a train about a mile down the road. First it stopped with the caboose at the road crossing, then it backed up. Took forever. Finally made it to I-90 headed west. Very windy. Had to keep it at 55 mph to keep the sway manageable. Arrived in the Badlands National Park around 5:30. Stopped at the gift shop, then headed to the campsite. Wound up parked beside 4 other Airstreams. Pretty cool. Mary took Chica for a short walk. Fixed a wonderful meal of brats and peppers and potato salad. Settled in for the night around 9:00ish.


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