YertleLing From Sioux Falls — Day 2

Rose early and took our time showering and fixing a breakfast of eggs, bacon, cheese and peppers on toasted bagels. Yum! Mary took Chica for a short walk. Sometime around 11:00 we pulled out of the campsite and hit the dump site and water station. On the road by noon and explored Badlands National Park, a beautiful place. Still windy, very windy. South Dakota is terribly windy, all the time it seems. Stopped at several overlooks, took pictures and short walks. On the road by 1:00 headed for Custer State Park. Arrived at our campsite at about 5:00 and had a rough time backing Yertle into a tight place. I’m still an amateur at backing up a trailer. Unhitched, set up camp and drove to find firewood. Splurged tonight. Built a fire and roasted two sweet potatoes, then grilled steaks over an open fire. Fantastic! What a life of leisure. Retired to Yertle to catch up on this blog and enjoy a nightcap. My 6th sense says no HP tonight. But or tomorrow there’s champagne in the cooler. That’s always a good sign.


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